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Gulan's Space Projections

Space Projections, the latest album by Gulan, has exceeded the expectations of all diehard Gulan fans. This in itself is a great achievement, for there are many who consider Cassiopeia, his earlier album, as the ultimate ambient music phenomenon. The earlier albums – Antigravitation and Sphere, in addition to Cassiopeia – convinced a large number of music enthusiasts about his unique ability to create space music by blending various musical genres. If anybody doubted his ability till date, Space Projections would erase such doubts. This 55-minute album comprising of nine tracks is his best work so far.


Space Projections: The New Album


Many musical experts have spotted threads of influence of Klause Schulze, Michael Stearns, and Robert Rich in Gulan's music.  However, on the whole, his music is a stunning and novel variety of space music. This facet of his music is very much evident in Space Projections, as well. In a sense, Space Projections starts where Cassiopeia and Sphere end.


As is the norm with space music albums, this album is packaged with an artistically designed cover that can easily find its way to an art gallery. The album starts with three versions of the title track: Space Projections 1, Space Projections 2, and Space Projections 3. The first one is the best. The track is resplendent with pleasant sounds and fresh tunes and shows you why Gulan is regarded as a master of blending electronic sounds. Perhaps this mastery can be attributed to his formative years which he spent in fiddling, playing, and experimenting with electronic synthesizers.


The next three tracks, Basic Algorithm, Floating in Space, and The Black Hole, are also refreshingly fresh. These tracks lift you to a tranquil mood of meditation and a cosmic state of mind. You can submit yourself to the hypnotic power of music and let the vibrant textures of space music take over.


The remaining three tracks, Heavenly Lights, Airway 7, and Good Bye, remind you of Gulan's previous tracks, especially those rhythmic numbers in Cassiopeia. The last one, appropriately called Good Bye, is a remix. These tracks are masterly creations of ambient music of such high quality that it would be hard for a space music fan to not listen to them over and over again. In short, Space Projections could well turn out to be the album that truly establishes the global prominence of the Latvian prodigy.






Beautiful spherical and cosmic sounds full of enigmatic music constructions give to a listener a chance to touch the mystery and infinity of the Universe. This album consists of songs both with dynamic sounding and with mellow ambient effects. These songs will send you to a distant and unforgettable space journey where you will relax, dissolve and sink into delight and pleasure. But no worry, you will be surely back on Earth keeping warm memories and experience. Just put the music on, close your eyes and happy journey!


Gulan is the pseudonym of Andrei Gulaikin, an ambient/space musician hailing from Latvia. 'Cassiopeia' is an album filled with 71 minutes of very interesting electronic space music. It is nicely kicked-off by the title track, split in three parts. Some grand velvet textures merge with some twinkling sequencing while some light solo's float on top. This rather active part is counter pointed by the free form soundscapes of the second part, which float on in gentle ways. Next comes the lofty excursions of two-fold 'The Infinite' before we arrive at the excellent 'Return Home'. This piece has a beautiful fairytale-kindred flavour with nice expanding textures. This highlight is followed by the same titled second chapter, another strong, drifting piece featuring melancholic undercurrents, entering heavenly spheres. 'Delerium' is again a sequenced, more active track, after which the cd ends with a remix-version of the title-track.

'Cassiopeia' is rather stunning release, so ambient/space fans out there: make sure you don't miss this one!

© Bert Strolenberg




Another release by Gulan whos work is inspired by the music of Klause Schulze, Michael Stearns, Robert Rich, Tangerine Dream. Nothing wrong with that I here you ask and as It happens I like them as well.

The tracks range from ambient electronica to more of a Berlin-school feel. His compositions are full of nice sounds and phrases creating cosmic associations. Interesting combinations of synthetic and acoustic sounds and effects, unusual constructions of musical phrases give to his music its originality and mysteriousness.


“I am not usually into “meditation” music, and frankly bought Sphere because I liked the sound clips that I heard. But, after listening to the CD front to back, I was amazed at the journey that this music takes you through. Unlike other ambient music that sounds like “repetitive sheet music”, this album comes off like a work of art with great ingenuity.

Beautiful passages with slight variations that sweep your mind into the journey that is Gulan.

The first two tracks start with much motion and activity, the long third track Altai changes the mood with placid tonal passages, then tracks 4-6 bring you back into a flurry of mind trips. The last track, Synthetic-x is a fitting poignant ending. I just hope that there is a sequel to this album – I will certainly buy it!”

© Elton Daermon


Since a while I’m familiar with the nice ambient space music by Gulan, aka Andrei Gulaikin, who seems to compile albums from various tracks of the same name.
"Sphere", which comes with great cover art, starts in the same manner as his album "Cassiopeia": warm, drifting textures of the title track embrace the listener with tranquil, ethereal sonics.
The 11-minute "Airway-2" is more active, as the textures have a stronger symphonic and deepening sound and are accompanied by nice sequencing.
Next comes "Altai", the longest track on the album, an almost 18-minute tranquil, slow meandering floater, nicely followed by the expanding, planetarium soundscapes of "Cosmophonia".
"Airway-4" and returns to the more active, sequenced style. The only minor point on the album is the freeform "Abstracto", which sounded a bit rough to my ears.
All in all, "Sphere" is a well produced and composed cosmic journey which lots of ambient/space fans will surely embrace.
Nicely done, Andrei!

© Bert Strolenberg