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Amorphous Resonances

Amazing spiritual journey into the depth of your consciousness. This album is a voyage into your realization! An incredible unify of meditative, therapeutic, and ambient music, Gulan has created an outstanding “mind tool” for people who put into practice meditation and spiritualism.

Amazing spiritual journey into the depth of your consciousness. This album is a voyage into your realization! An incredible unify of meditative, therapeutic, and ambient music, Gulan has created an outstanding “mind tool” for people who put into practice meditation and spiritualism.


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The healing provided by the album can be such a sensual and releasing experience, offering not only a great sound, but a smooth and transitional state of meditation that cannot be purchased from a therapist or any type of commercial meditation techniques. At the same time, there is another new album from Gulan, titled "Zeroness". This is a one track album offering a full hour, 60 full minutes, of a deep and calm meditation trip that is very deep, wavy, and relaxing in every sense. From your head to your toes, you will feel the relaxation consume you, with ambient music to take you on a trip that isn't provided through any other means.

With Gulan at the reigns, however, you can relax yourself with new albums of electronica, healing music, ambient, or whatever it is that you wish to classify it as. This is a type of music with no specific genre, offering a unique and
uncontained background music to any meditation session that you wish to indulge in. Get your friends and loved ones involved - these albums are great for gifts and mementos.

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Tarkhany Evening

Meditation music is nothing new, yet has definitely evolved throughout the years. With the different ages the practice has passed through, it is easy to see how the practice itself has changed to accommodate more of an audience of today. Meditation music is one of the most in-demand genres, desired by those of all crowds, as it provides such a sensual and relaxing environment that is perfect for meditating and soothing one's soul.

Bring together meditation, or ambient music, and today's methods, and you find Gulan, a master at healing music through the sounds of space-age, or electronic synthesizing. Great for background music for any meditation session alone or with others, the new albums that have been released are definitely a new breed of spiritual music that takes on tradition and today's sounds.

Gulan's new relaxation albums are offered on various online stores, including iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Napster, Rhapsody, CDBaby, and many others as well. There is more than one new album as well, including "Tarkhany Evening", with tracks including "Tarkhany Evening", "Submergence 2", "Mandala 2", "Altai 4", and "Electronic Symphony Ambient remix", among others. Each progressing track provides a new stage in the progression of the mind in meditation, keeping it in a meditative state that is comforting and relaxing. It provides a soft, calm, and deep meditative state, getting softer, calmer, and deeper with each track.

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Astral breath

It has been said that music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life; it is a transcendental experience for most.

Music is the expression of the soul and can make anyone forget their everyday worries and experience a spiritual awakening. Gulan brings you the best way to dive into the most meditative music you can ever hear. His new album The Astral Breath has all the power to take you far away from your tensions and worries.
“The Astral breath” consists of five unique and wonderful tracks namely, "Sphere 4", "Spring Morning", "Mandala", "Abstracto 2” and “Astral Breath”. Listen to these tracks and let yourself get carried away to a different world. This album is easily available; you can get it from, CD Baby, eMusic and iTunes at affordable prices.

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Floating Textures

Floating Textures is another of Gulan's tranquil compositions. All the six numbers from his ninth album are different from each other. Like all other albums, this one too carries a richness of its own. It is a food for hungry spiritual souls which will take you on a spiritual odyssey. Floating Textures is not confined to a single genre. The compositions bear the technical mastery of their creator.  Ordinary people and music pundits alike swear by the hypnotic effects Gulan's music creates. He seems to have brought a new genre of relaxation music from the outer universe.

Gulan also has a band and music studio at Latvia under his name. Many radio stations in the USA, the UK, and Australia broadcast his music. The hearers of his compositions seem to experience a trance like effect. He never fails to surprise his listeners with original compositions and atmospheric sounds never heard before. Listen to Gulan and experience the vibes of cosmic energy activating you, falling like crystal grains. Let the music soothe your senses.

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Crystal Monk

Meditation practitioners will love "Crystal Monk" by Gulan and the wonderful sounds of his compositions. It is a beautiful amalgamation of patterns, atmospherics, and meditation. The rendition of 71 minutes of ambient music and floating tracks is a food for spiritual souls. Each of the seven tracks is distinct from each other but each unique number promises relaxation for the soul. The eighth album of the musician cannot be compared with any of his earlier works as all have richness of their own. This album is original and mysterious in its own way. Gulan's research and patience and the hours that he spends meditating are reflected in his works. Watch out for "Crystal Monk" by Gulan, which is full of cosmic associations and spiritual connotations.

The seven tracks are:

"Reincarnation", "Crystal Monk", "Back Inside", "Ambielody", "Altai 3", "Electronic Symphony 3", "Heavenly Lights 2". Each is a distinct stage that leads the mind into the meditative state and keeps it there.  It's soft, calm, depth and flows at the same level, piercing into the innermost corners of your consciousness. The track called "Electronic Symphony 3" has very nice melody, rhythm, and many layers and sounds that will start to interfere, there's a dialogue between sounds, there's a cosmic process going on and the listener will be in the middle of this awesome experience.

A peaceful yet powerful collection of sounds that provoke profound energy focus...perfect for energy healing! Songs are very rich and delightful, very enigmatic.

The tracks of that release is like.... welcome to another beautiful day full of chances and inspiration , full of light and depth, full of positive thinking. Gulan's music behaves like an engine for those thoughts and feelings - it keeps you on the right track!

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Gulan - Space Projections

 When the heath is becoming too much, it’s hi time to cool off and chillout… Big fan in the studio, opening an evelope from Latvia, Riga. Fantastic new space music album by Gulan called “Space Projections”. Prepare yourself for a world full of sounds, patterns, atmopherics and meditation. Gulan takes us on a tour we will not put in a box like ‘file it under bla bla bla’. Gulan’s music is unique: he combines many layers and sounds that will start to interfere, there’s a dialogue between sounds, there’s a cosmic process going on and the listener will be in the middle of this awesome experience. Go hear it!


                                                © TC



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GULAN - Prologue

Gulan is an intriguing composer who creates a wide range of music styles. With either electronica music, melodious, instrumental, new age, ambient, Gulan certainly captivates his listeners. His tracks are truly unique and beautiful, very rich and delightful, very enigmatic.

In general, Gulan's album could be regarded to almost all of the above-mentioned musical trends and it mostly fits film music genre... Gulan's album named "Prologue" contains interesting creative ideas, beautiful and bright melodious combinations, which can arouse new and pleasing emotions.

Electronic and instrumental music lovers will like this album cause its songs have both action and softness, exaltation and calmness, romance and melody, perfect harmony of synthetic and acoustic sounds...and much more. You will find bright and strongly pronounced ideas in this release.This music will make interesting atmosphere and various range of moods and emotions...

There are 11 songs, half of which are made in classic electronica style and the other half - instrumental and melodious music.

Lately Gulans's music has been airplayed by 400 radio stations all over the world and got a great number of good references.


Listen and enjoy!


© Tanya Tsvetkoff      



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GULAN - Cassiopeia

Beautiful spherical and cosmic sounds full of enigmatic music constructions give to a listener a chance to touch the mystery and infinity of the Universe. This album consists of songs both with dynamic sounding and with mellow ambient effects. These songs will send you to a distant and unforgettable space journey where you will relax, dissolve and sink into delight and pleasure. But no worry, you will be surely back on Earth keeping warm memories and experience. Just put the music on, close your eyes and happy journey!


Gulan is the pseudonym of Andrei Gulaikin, an ambient/space musician hailing from Latvia. 'Cassiopeia' is an album filled with 71 minutes of very interesting electronic space music. It is nicely kicked-off by the title track, split in three parts. Some grand velvet textures merge with some twinkling sequencing while some light solo's float on top. This rather active part is counter pointed by the free form soundscapes of the second part, which float on in gentle ways. Next comes the lofty excursions of two-fold 'The Infinite' before we arrive at the excellent 'Return Home'. This piece has a beautiful fairytale-kindred flavour with nice expanding textures. This highlight is followed by the same titled second chapter, another strong, drifting piece featuring melancholic undercurrents, entering heavenly spheres. 'Delerium' is again a sequenced, more active track, after which the cd ends with a remix-version of the title-track.

'Cassiopeia' is rather stunning release, so ambient/space fans out there: make sure you don't miss this one!

© Bert Strolenberg



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GULAN - Sphere

Another release by Gulan whos work is inspired by the music of Klause Schulze, Michael Stearns, Robert Rich, Tangerine Dream. Nothing wrong with that I here you ask and as It happens I like them as well.

The tracks range from ambient electronica to more of a Berlin-school feel. His compositions are full of nice sounds and phrases creating cosmic associations. Interesting combinations of synthetic and acoustic sounds and effects, unusual constructions of musical phrases give to his music its originality and mysteriousness.


“I am not usually into “meditation” music, and frankly bought Sphere because I liked the sound clips that I heard. But, after listening to the CD front to back, I was amazed at the journey that this music takes you through. Unlike other ambient music that sounds like “repetitive sheet music”, this album comes off like a work of art with great ingenuity.

Beautiful passages with slight variations that sweep your mind into the journey that is Gulan.

The first two tracks start with much motion and activity, the long third track Altai changes the mood with placid tonal passages, then tracks 4-6 bring you back into a flurry of mind trips. The last track, Synthetic-x is a fitting poignant ending. I just hope that there is a sequel to this album – I will certainly buy it!”

© Elton Daermon


Since a while I’m familiar with the nice ambient space music by Gulan, aka Andrei Gulaikin, who seems to compile albums from various tracks of the same name.
"Sphere", which comes with great cover art, starts in the same manner as his album "Cassiopeia": warm, drifting textures of the title track embrace the listener with tranquil, ethereal sonics.
The 11-minute "Airway-2" is more active, as the textures have a stronger symphonic and deepening sound and are accompanied by nice sequencing.
Next comes "Altai", the longest track on the album, an almost 18-minute tranquil, slow meandering floater, nicely followed by the expanding, planetarium soundscapes of "Cosmophonia".
"Airway-4" and returns to the more active, sequenced style. The only minor point on the album is the freeform "Abstracto", which sounded a bit rough to my ears.
All in all, "Sphere" is a well produced and composed cosmic journey which lots of ambient/space fans will surely embrace.
Nicely done, Andrei!

© Bert Strolenberg



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GULAN - Electronic Symphony



  Electronica, New age, Instrumental, Space electronica, Film music.


 ...The first piece of music composed by Gulan in 1993 was named Airway. Some more beautiful songs followed already in the same year, Electronic symphony, Sunrise, Electronic etude among them.Interesting combinations of synthetic and acoustic sounds and effects, unusual constructions of musical phrases and melodies give to his music its originality and mysteriousness.

                                                                                     ©  Andris Kalnins


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GULAN - Spirit Of The Sound



Ambient meditation relaxation healing background music. Album "spirit of the sound" with gulan's combination of ambient, healing and meditative music is a journey to the depth of your consciousness.

First 4 songs of the album are referred to ambient and meditative music and especially suit those who do spiritual practice and meditation.

These 4 tracks are 4 stages of entering meditative state and staying in it:
1. concentration - track "Transcendentia".
2. relaxation, immersion, dissolution in your inner space - "Spirit of the Sound"
3. purification, disengaging of your inner light, realization - "Awakening"
4. completion, coming out of meditation and keeping harmony - "Altai 2"

The music has no pointed peaks or overfalls, it is tranquil, monotonous and helps smooth and soft entering into deep layers of consciousness...It is recomended to listen to this music in a relaxed and passive condition - sitting or lying...

Next 2 bonus tracks "Cassiopeia 4" and "Cassiopeia 5" - space music... beautiful and rich sounds.


© Tanya Tsvetkoff


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GULAN - Antigravitation


 Ambient Meditation Relaxation Background Healing music. Gulan devoted much time to practical experience of meditation as well as for creating the background music for those activities. Such music is also called ambient,relaxation or meditation music, the task of which according to Gulan is to help to relax the mind and to plunge into the depths of consciousness. Gulan's music easily performs this task and help people to reach meditative condition-those ambient songs, so abstract and atmospheric, help the mind and body to be relaxed, simply-to be.


 © Andris Kalnins



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Arctic Smoke

Just recently, an artist known as Gulan has released two new albums known as "Arctic Smoke" and "Amorphous Resonances." Both albums have five tracks to them. On "Arctic Smoke" you will find "Sphere 5", "Crystal Monk 2", "Arctic Smoke", "Good Morning" and "Phase Zero." On "Amorphous Resonances" you will find, "Amorphous Resonances", "Amorphous Resonances 2", "Altai 5", "Rainbow Glade 2" and "Abstracto 4."

All of these songs have been released by Gulan and are believed to be top-quality, inspirational music pieces. Gulan specializes in many different types of music. His main type of music is New Age and Electronica but he's also very into Space Music, Meditation & Ambient Music. You'll find that his songs have all been inspired by these types of music, so they have something unique and interesting to bring to the world. Most of his music features no talking or voice in it whatsoever, it is all about the scenery that you will experience during this and the music that plays in the background.


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